Shamelle Reveter
Business Art & Personal Development Coach
Don't go into the industry not knowing the WAY....

Shamelle is making a huge impact in the lives of her following. She works specifically with artists and small business owners who struggle with the basics of their artistry & business and integrity.

 Her purpose is to bring her followers to a conscious state of awareness of how their own thinking patterns may affect their current state of living. She provides nurturing energy, atmosphere and environment that would allow one to consider what she calls, "Healthy Thinking".

She boldly writes thought-provoking material with the expectation of intense conversation. Ms. Reveter challenges her artists to understand the WAY (WHO ARE YOU) with unfiltered personal development sessions.

She believes artists & entrepreneurs who lack the understanding of who they are, force others to provide that understanding.  Maya Angelou states it well, “I decided many years ago to invent myself. I had obviously been invented by someone else - a whole society - and I didn’t like their inventions."

If artists want to succeed the entertainment industry, they MUST be capable of defining WHO THEY ARE.

She uniquely utilizes her stageplays, Artist & Business Consultations, musicals, events and private music, theater and entertainment coaching sessions as a platform to help bring about this awareness. She is the creator of the business curriculum for artists & entreprenuers , PBSA™ -The Process Behind the Successful Artist™ taught at her online business school: AE & E Business Academy™, The Be-Aware Musical Series  (annual stageplay & musical) and
​​​​​​​The I.A.M - Inspiring Artist Movement (resources for artists & entrepreneurs).

Shamelle absolutely loves sneaking away to enjoy a really good movie, puts her meditation time as priority, will read a good book any day, and she loves writing both music and creative works.

Ms. Reveter's conversations with entrepreneurs are growing more and more every day; as she reveals how she grew her private business to $70K in less than one year and then lost it all in the matter of weeks...

She explains to her listeners, followers and students, that its not how to make money, but rather how to maintain  money under the freedom of BEING yourself.

"My dreams are coming true everyday as I learn to JUST BE!"
Private coaching with Ms. Shamelle will aid you in being free!
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